Saturday, 10 July 2010

Soft Baby Cube with Tags Tutorial

OK, here goes my first tutorial

Taggy cubes are brilliant for babys who love to twiddle with tags. You can add satin, grosgrain and even suede ribbons to these cubes to create the ultimate stimulation for babies and toddlers. They are super easy to make and with the help of my tutorial, what is stopping you?


  • Six 5 x 5 inch squares - I used 6 different squares, however you can use 2 fabrics (3 of each design) or mix it up to your requirements
  • Various 4 inch ribbons
  • Polyfill (Not pictured)

Mark half an inch from the edge of all sides, on the wrong side of the fabric.

Pin together two squares with right sides facing, with your ribbon loop/s between each piece. Sew along the line we marked starting and finishing at the cross points. Don't forget to back stitch at each end to secure and prevent unravelling. It should look like this...

Repeat this for the next two squares, remembering to tuck your ribbon loops in.

Sew the fifth square to the top of the second square. The lines will aline with the squares already sewn.

Repeat this with your last square.

Sew up the two sides together. It should look something like this.

Now repeat this for all other sides until you have just one side remaining.

You can sew this side, but you will need to leave a 2 inch gap for turning.

Now turn it out the right way round, poke all the corners out and stuff with polyfill. Slip stich the opening you used to fill the cube with closed and you are done. Phew! Now go give it to that special baby in your life.

This is my first tutorial, if there is anything I have forgotten or you feel I could improve on I would be very greatful if you could let me know! Thanks for stopping by :-)

Sew for Charity - Dolly Drive

Dolly Donations has announced a new dolly drive to help the orphans of Haiti

You can find all the information over here, there are also some great patterns, tutorials and tips on the website to get you started making your dolls.

How many will you pledge to make?

Remember, The deadline is Nov 1st and you must use brown fabric for the dolls skin.

New Designs - Special offer for blog readers!

Today I listed 3 new designs in my shop

Farm corner Taggy £3.95 available here

Cow print taggy £3.95 available here

Jolly Jungle Taggy £3.95 available here

Blog readers can receive a 50p discount off one of the featured taggys by quoting EBLOG before paying for your taggy!

Friday, 9 July 2010

A design to save your sanity...

So, I have had many emails from mams and dads who's babys and toddlers have lost there taggys on outings. For children who cannot sleep at night without their beloved taggy, this is not good! And, with 3 darlings of my own I cannot always replace those taggys immediatley.

I give you....

Taggy clips! This will save you money on replacing taggys in the long run! & whats more, you can use it for dummys and other toys for baby.

I have 5 designs to choose from (will be adding to these soon). Available for only £1.99 here and if you buy one of my taggys here I will give you free postage on the clip! What are you waiting for ;-)

I have been working on these darling "The very hungry caterpillar" taggy blanket / comforters to go with my range (More about that later).

These are a decent size taggy blanket, big enough to cover a toddlers legs and they are available for £16.99 each in my shop. This includes personalisation of a name and DOB embroidered onto the taggy in either pink or blue thread.

I have many more designs and ideas to show you... watch this space

Hi all...

My name is Laura and I love sewing and creating.

My 3 daughters (7, 5 and 2 years) inspired me to start sewing and that has allowed me to explore and find other crafty things that I enjoy making.

I take custom orders through eBay here. I also sell on Etsy. (Eleanors-Boutique)

I plan to fill this blog full of crafts, tutorials and my latest designs. Stay tuned!