Saturday, 10 July 2010

Soft Baby Cube with Tags Tutorial

OK, here goes my first tutorial

Taggy cubes are brilliant for babys who love to twiddle with tags. You can add satin, grosgrain and even suede ribbons to these cubes to create the ultimate stimulation for babies and toddlers. They are super easy to make and with the help of my tutorial, what is stopping you?


  • Six 5 x 5 inch squares - I used 6 different squares, however you can use 2 fabrics (3 of each design) or mix it up to your requirements
  • Various 4 inch ribbons
  • Polyfill (Not pictured)

Mark half an inch from the edge of all sides, on the wrong side of the fabric.

Pin together two squares with right sides facing, with your ribbon loop/s between each piece. Sew along the line we marked starting and finishing at the cross points. Don't forget to back stitch at each end to secure and prevent unravelling. It should look like this...

Repeat this for the next two squares, remembering to tuck your ribbon loops in.

Sew the fifth square to the top of the second square. The lines will aline with the squares already sewn.

Repeat this with your last square.

Sew up the two sides together. It should look something like this.

Now repeat this for all other sides until you have just one side remaining.

You can sew this side, but you will need to leave a 2 inch gap for turning.

Now turn it out the right way round, poke all the corners out and stuff with polyfill. Slip stich the opening you used to fill the cube with closed and you are done. Phew! Now go give it to that special baby in your life.

This is my first tutorial, if there is anything I have forgotten or you feel I could improve on I would be very greatful if you could let me know! Thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. I have a new nephew and I think I will try this out for him. Great way to use leftover fabrics too!

  2. Please - only use ribbon that is wider than it is long. Narrow ribbon can twist round a baby's finger and stop circulation - as we found out just in time when our daughter twisted her finger tip into a ribbon on a little soft toy in her cot.

  3. Great tutorial!! These blocks are super cute!! Thanks :)

  4. Excellent tutorial. Never would've guessed it was your first one. I will definitely be making this for my own and for gift giving! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Great tutorial, just what I needed to go with the patchwork quilt I am making for my new nephew. You can pop a bell or two inside too for added fun!!

  6. Wonderful tutorial, well done :)
    Thanks for that extra tip about the narrow ribbon.
    Also, if you insert a bell/something I've heard it's good to put it in a small container and glue shut, both so they can't swallow it and also because it makes a better sound.
    Thanks for the tutorial, definitely be trying this out!

  7. so cute! i love it! i added a link to your page on my blog, thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi!

    Great tutorial! I am going to make one of these for my little grand-nephew Liam. I'm sure he will love it. Fun and cuddly for baby!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this easy to follow tutorial, it was great for a beginner sewer like me - I made one of these cubes last night for my daughter (10 months) and she loves it! Even her big brother (2 years, 10 months) has enjoyed playing with it! Thanks again :-)

  10. Great tutorial - very cute toy! Another tip - you can put a bell inside with the stuffing - extra giggles from bub! I only ran into trouble sewing the corners - wasn't sure whether to sew each side all the way to the hindsight possibly not, as some of the ends got caught in the corner seam (if that makes sense?!).

  11. dont forget to wash the fabric before sewing if giving to baby!! (I had a stained fabric piece that reminded me!
    .. Thanks Ive been meaning to do this for a while. Also using felt fabric looks good too. Make simple felt pictures on top of the square & hand sew them on for effect. (Apple, a bear's face, a letter or number.)Also a foam cube could be used to build the squares around. ty ty ty! Very excited & motivated - we have babies galore surrounding us at the moment!

  12. Thank you so much for this!